Good news, bad news: abiword version

Good news: Filed an abiword bug, and was able to narrow down the source of the problem, giving steps to reproduce, creating a thesis about the source of the bug, and successfully testing the thesis, like a good bug filer should.

Bad news: A 1.5M, 143 page document is not really an ideal minimal testcase.

Worse news: I’d have preferred to notice this kind of bug before I created two 140+ page documents that trigger the bug.

[Yes, those are my collected, organized class notes, one class each. Tomorrow, rinse and repeat with Civil Procedure.]

3 thoughts on “Good news, bad news: abiword version”

  1. Ooh- I feel your pain. Recently, filed a bug in Kformula under very similar circumstances.

    PPS. Don’t forget the Solstice concert at St. John the Divine.

  2. Bundles of fun. What else could I have? I’m actually using the TOC for the doc as the outline; it seems to have worked fairly well for some mid-term practice exams, and gave a nice easy reference in case of panic. The TOC is what is creating the Abiword problem, though.

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