weekend in Boston

I had a great time in Boston over Thusday and Friday, seeing friends and discussing software patents. I was pleasantly surprised to see that despite being held at a law school, many (perhaps nearly half?) of the speakers at the software conference were not lawyers, but rather economists and others.

I took copious notes, but haven’t had time to edit them- life is not fun right now, and won’t be until December 21st. Nor to get the pictures off the camera, despite the great one of a whole lot of whiskey about to be shot on Friday night. Oh well… hopefully Wednesday morning if tomorrow afternoon is mega-productive. We’ll see.

On the plus side, for those interested, the slides and some related papers are up. The James Bessen slides are particularly interesting- lots of great data there. Unfortunately, it is not footnoted. I have to assume the draft chapter from his book is also good stuff. Page 3 of Mark Webbink’s slides are also stark and frightening.
Was of course good to see Dave and substantial other chunks of the Boston crowd on Friday night; sad, though, that some of them are leaving Boston. Hopefully we’ll all make it back for summits in the future.