what I’m using for a GNOME business card

Máirín put up some cool-as-usual biz card mockups, which reminds me- I’ve picked up a couple hundred cards from moo.com of late. Fun stuff. On the back of the GNOME cards I’m using this:

GNOME is still people.

Click the picture for a larger version. Enjoy and re-use. Generated (still) with the utterly awesome metapixel.

9 thoughts on “what I’m using for a GNOME business card”

  1. Ah, I apologize for those I must be boring with this; this is the last iteration I’m going to post here and any tweaks I make, I’m gonna go back and modify this entry to post. [IMG] Inkscape SVG Updated: Also, an alternative from Luis’ card design. [IMG]

  2. Can you really see the people that well as a business card? Reckon they should be bigger…

    Keep up the good work :)

  3. You can’t see them terribly well, but it gets the point across, particularly for anyone who saw the original talk.

  4. dear luis,
    i have recognized my face in that picture, and i look sweaty and unsexy, just like if i had played two football matches in sunny hot spain before. please remove my face, or if this isn’t trivial, make it at least look better. ;-)

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