This is 2006. Get with the program, Westlaw.

Let’s take a little test:

It is 2006, and you’re an online dictionary. Your definition for X is ‘X: see Y’.


‘see Y’ should be:

(a) a clickable link to Y

(b) an automatic redirect to Y

(c) plain text which does not allow you to click or otherwise redirect to Y

If you answered (c), you failed the test, and you’re a moron. Also, Westlaw will probably hire you, because THIS IS WHAT WESTLAW DOES.

I promise, this is the last time tonight I call anyone a moron on my blog.

[Later: I swear to god, if I have any Google readers left, I beg you to do a legal research project. When I searched for Y, it gave me 19 results which included Y, of which Y itself was result… 7. Because the order was alphabetical. Because, you know, if I search for Y, and there is an exact, perfect result for Y, god forbid Y be the first !@#@!#ing result in the !@#@!#@!ing results list.]

[Yet more fun with Westlaw: of the 6 results before Y in the search results, fully 1/2 were just ‘see Y’. And in the actual link for Y, the first relevant hyperlink that I want to follow links to a keynote (i.e., to a format completely and 100% created and maintained by Westlaw, touched by no one else) which is broken.]