adventures in ‘so close, yet so far’ (updated: ah-ha!)

So… I tried to see if Krissa’s box could be upgraded from dapper to edgy purely from the GUI. This is ubuntu, it’s supposed to be all shiny and GUI and user-friendly, right? I poked, I prodded, I found nothing. Surely, I’m stupid; there must be some way to do this.

So I googled, and I found this article, which indicates that to do a GUI-based upgrade, you have to… open a terminal and pass special flags to update-manager.

I shudder to think of the amount of time spent on this. I’m not following Ubuntu development in the slightest right now, so maybe there is something I’m missing, but on the face of it, either upgrading your distro is purely a power user thing- in which case why build the functionality into the update-manager GUI at all- or it is an end-user thing- in which case, why do I need to open a terminal and google for magic flags?

Surely there is some rationale/explanation I’m missing here, but I have no idea what that might be.

[Edit: as was posted out in comments, Edgy is not ‘enterprisey‘, so update-manager won’t recommend upgrading from Dapper->Edgy, whereas it will for Edgy->Fiesty or Dapper->(whatever the next LTS release is.) Makes perfectly good sense.]

[Aside from this, by the way, I’m running edgy on my desktop box, and am very pleased with the slight but definitely visible improvement in boot time, and the every-six-months bunch of goodies, like a fresher and nicer f-spot, rhythmbox daap-y goodness, and (hopefully for krissa) better ipod support. Unfortunately I might not be able to use it on my own laptop for a while yet- we’ll see about that, I guess. I have to say that the fc6 videos look pretty swank, too. Am still looking forward to some distro claiming my heart by discussing support for tablet pcs out of the box :)