most condescending and loathsome email I’ve ever gotten

I’m on a mailing list where we discuss the use of wikis as a substitute for political reporting. Somehow the discussion turned to abortion, with Ken Mehlman and Randall Terry cc’d. [What a pair of winners there.] I tried to cut it off, with a simple:

Can we *please* not waste everyone’s time with an abortion discussion?
Have it in the wiki, or better yet, have it in private email and don’t
waste anyone’s public bandwidth on it.


The ever charming response from the person who started the discussion, apparently a chaplain with the military (don’t get me started on how wrong I think that is):

Sir, If protecting the lives of babies is wasted time, then I will pray for you. Surprisingly, the official platform of the Republican Party has been pro-life for decades with former President Ronald Reagan and current President George W. Bush being staunch advocates for protecting the lives of babies. I’ll be sure to let the President know that you think that the Republican Party has wasted your time wanting to protect the lives of babies, in accord with 1600 years of Western legal precedent . . .


Rob J. King, Republican

He’ll tell the President. I’m sure that’ll fix me up good!

Ugh. I do want to engage the people I disagree with politically, but there comes a point when the discourse boils down to fundamental religious/faith-based disagreement- no amount of saying ‘please keep the state out of my womb’ is going to convince this guy, so… Better things to do with my time, I guess. Sadly, of course, he doesn’t see this as a choice I have- I’ve gotten on a mailing list with him (or one he’s found out about) so now I’m going to be subjected to it until we all get bored and ban him.

[Edit later: I appear to have gotten across my point that this list is not the right place for it, so he’s moved away from the issue. Someone else threatened to report me to the Pope, though. ;)]