Today has been a good day so far

Class was good, details between classes better:

I am going to see Daily Show taped on Wednesday. Found out today the guest will be:

That’s right, John Ashcroft. Should be fun, unless they prohibit us from hissing.

Also, in class, Prof. Dorf offhandly and without my prompting made my favorite analogy:  that our legal code is a lot like Windows OS code- gigantic, important, held together by baling wire and string, buggy, conflicting, occasionally crashing, and with all incentives pointed at adding features instead of fixing bugs. In short: completely unmaintainable. It was great to hear someone who is a ton smarter than I am make the analogy and give it the tiniest little bit of credence :) He says there is actually a functional proposal to make the legal revision and ‘bug fixing’ process more open-source-like, but he was just a tease, and said I should really just take a specific class to learn more. Of course, that would be my one elective next semester- which I’d really like to use on an introduction to IP instead. So… gah. Oh, well. At least I’m not completely insane :)