I know I’m a dork because…

… I spent most of my meals this weekend reading a ~100 page set of documents on EU competition law (aka antitrust law, for americans.) For an optional seminar.

Perhaps worse, I could hardly read any of it without thinking ‘microsoft probably violates this one, and this one, and….’ I’m pretty sure their behavior with regards to IE/Netscape violates current EU competition law; I’m going to have to read and think about it, because I’ve come around to the position that it is better for competitors if OS vendors can incorporate technology like that into their OS. (People tend to forget that MS put out of business several vendors of graphical shells when they went from DOS to Windows 3.1, but no one would really argue that we shouldn’t bundle graphical shells with an OS anymore.) My current beef with them really centers around the network effects engendered by their extensions to HTML, or to other data ‘standards’ like .doc.

Tangentially, the seminar will be taught by Giuliano Amato. Any italian readers care to share anything about him that is non-standard for italian politicians and isn’t in Wikipedia? :)