Creative Commons Salon New York

CC Salon Mixtape

On Friday night I went to NuBlu for the first NYC Creative Commons Salon. It was an interesting little get together. Some random thoughts:

  • I put up some pictures. Like all my pictures, they are CC-SA, but unfortunately the gallery hack I was using to indicate licensing is busted. Go ahead and enjoy them.
  • As far as I could tell, only one of the three artists who presented actually uses CC, which was disappointing.
  • Licensing aside, the art was a fun/funky mix of digital art. Paul Slocum showed off some cool music stuff, including a printer he’d hacked to play music via a combination of ‘mere’ printer noises and cassette tapes wrapped around printer drums. More here. Evan Harper of Eyebeam and Marisa Olson of also presented- some neat stuff (some of it documented in the picture gallery, including Marisa’s tape gallery, and Evan’s… well, guerrilla seating and all-porn browser. What more can you say than ‘all-porn browser’. :)
  • Nublu is, without doubt, the trendiest (or wannabe trendiest) club I’ve ever been in- they are too hip to ‘have a sign over the door’. Still, nice space and very good DJ after the Salon.
  • Was good to meet some new folks and see Ronald.

Definitely glad I went, and will definitely make the next one.

By the way, for those in the New York area who are interested in this kind of thing, there is a great InfoLaw New York calendar full of events like this one, maintained by the kids at the NYULS Information Law Institute. Definitely worth subscribing to in your calendar tool of choice.