Work at the Berkman Center

Berkman is hiring for a whole slew of jobs right now- sr. developers, sr. admins, community organizers, etc. Go check out my old boss’s post on the subject. Berkman is a great place to work- great atmosphere, great people, great academia-style work benefits (holidays, insurance, etc.), and the most interesting lunch speakers anywhere. :) As a bonus, working there no longer means having to put up with me for forty hours a week. :)

2 thoughts on “Work at the Berkman Center”

  1. To be perfectly honest, I have the required experience for the developer position, but I wouldn’t want to join an organization that has a time limit on the actual job.

    According to the posting the job would last up to June 30 2007.

  2. That’s the nature of an academic research center with non-guaranteed funding- the jobs are most likely to extend well beyond that, but they can’t guarantee anything further.

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