boston-area voting talk

If any of my boston-area readers are interested in really secure electronic voting, my friend Ben Adida, whose recent PhD thesis was on cryptographic voting, is giving an ‘intro to cryptographic voting’ talk tomorrow at Hahvahd. Free lunch even, apparently, though if it is like most Harvard lunches you’ll want to get there a bit early :) More details on Ben’s blog here. I haven’t heard Ben speak publicly on crypto-voting, but I have on other topics, and it has always been stimulating and educational, so I recommend it strongly if you’re interested in the topic.

2 thoughts on “boston-area voting talk”

  1. No shortage of lunch, but sadly a shortage of time — the presentation was a nice high-level overview but the encouragement to “interrupt me with questions at any point” turned out to be a bad one, as people kept asking questions that were about five slides ahead, and as a result we didn’t get through a lot of the interesting (and completely over my head) cryptographic stuff that would make such a system work. It certainly is a non-trivial problem, but then I guess we knew that! It looks like Ben will be giving additional talks later in the semester or may even be pressured into teaching a little “mini course” on the concepts, so keep your ears perked.

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