Some weekends are good weekends.

New York is an expensive, crowded, piss-smelling bitch goddess, but when she is good, she is good.

  • Friday: class canceled during the day; relaxed night at home. Yay.
  • Saturday afternoon: see very old friends for the first time in ages. When they came in to town, their first stop was the awesome bookstore on my street, because hey, you don’t get that in Miami. Yay.
  • Saturday night: live jazz. Food was sort of lame, and service was horrendous, but the music was good and the mood was nice.
  • Sunday morning: delicious brunch, meet new people.
  • Sunday afternoon: the Go Game, by way of the Come Out and Play Festival. Like a scavenger hunt, on completely insane technological steroids. I’ll never be able to do a regular scavenger hunt again.

If only there weren’t this pesky reading still to do. Contracts and Civ Pro done, but Torts still hanging over my head.

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