Some GNOME things that excite me

Some GNOME-y things that are impressing or exciting me today:

  • Fernando Herrera (of bug-buddy and other fame) is coming to Boston Summit. Rock. So should everyone else, of course. (I’ll be there for drinks and dinner :)
  • The Build Brigade has reached a significant milestone, with the integration of jhbuild and buildbot. Combined with the great summer work to get LDTP working in jhbuild, I look forward to sophisticated reporting and testing on builds soon.
  • Yay for better ISV docs! Now, why are these on and not the front page of again? :)  (Seriously, it doesn’t look like it is even linked from there…)
  • I need to write a more in-depth review soon, but I’m very impressed with Xournal. It still needs handwriting recognition to really compete with MS Journal, but otherwise is right up there in terms of polish (which is the really shocking part, given how young it is) and functionality.