Split-personality blogging- ‘First Movers’

For a few months now I’ve been reading and occasionally commenting on Prof. Jim Chen’s ‘Jurisdynamics‘ blog, which focuses on issues of change and complexity in the law- something I’m really interested in (per the comparison between the code for an operating system and the code for a legal system.) Prof. Chen is aggressively expanding his Jurisdynamics Network, and as part of that, he has invited me to blog with a couple other law students at ‘First Movers‘, a group blog for law students.

In the future, most of my legal posts will start over there, but I’ll cross post them here. I expect that this will let me reach a different audience (one that isn’t so curious about my adventures in tablet computing, for example), perhaps spare my normal readers my most egregiously law-related posts, and hopefully help me meet and work with other law students from outside Columbia, so… should be fun. We’ll see, I guess- wish me luck :)