Not forgotten.

More pictures from my slice of 9/11/2006.

In the next five years, unlike the last five, I hope we use their memory to inspire us to actually make the US and the world safer for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, instead of making us less safe, or settling old scores. I hope we decide do it in a way that actually respects the values we claim to be advancing, instead of making a mockery of them. That may yet mean war or other forms of conflict, as there are people who do not believe in democracy, basic human rights, or self-determination, and they don’t always listen to reason. But if it is to be war, it should be just war, chosen reluctantly and not out of fear or anger, and conducted competently and with honest ends- again, not like the last five years. And we should pair our force, if we need it, with honest attempts and deep commitment to persuade the populations who play host to evil by attempting to resolve the ignorance, corruption, and poverty that tempt otherwise good people to follow theocrats and demagogues. We should not just pay lipservice to their doubts and prey upon their fears, as we have. Doing those things would be the best and most permanent memorial we can build.