Four more miscellaneous bits

Morning blogging sprint is over, nearly:

  • Tangential to the facebook privacy issues, someone posted on craigslist announcing that they were a female looking for sex. Very predictable results, except that they were a guy, and they posted all the details. Not much substance there, but funny, and maybe a bit scary for our expectations of privacy.
  • I really, really enjoyed Vernor Vinge’s Rainbow’s End. He spoke on the subject of virtual reality at the Austin Game Conference; here is a transcript. Interesting read- stimulating, very plausible thinking about what computing UIs might look like in 20-30 years. Sample: “I am convinced that the day we really get high resolution heads up displays, most people who nowadays are carrying a bluetooth earphone and microphone would have no problem with wearing eyeglasses that gave them a heads up display of something like 4,000 by 4,000 if the infrastructure had moved along in concert. Then high resolution HUDs could be exploited. That’s an example of a highly disruptive technology. It essentially destroys all other display technology except as emergency backups.” He is thinking very, very big thoughts- that for the first time, at least that I’ve seen, aren’t completely implausible like most VRs posited by most SF authors.
  • New York continues to rock. We ate at Pukk the other night, and it was delicious, and even plausibly reasonably priced- could happily have eaten a very filling meal for $13 if we hadn’t had desert. Met tomorrow, likely. And our local crazy indy film place served up some spectacularly bizarre film for Friday night date night.
  • John Fleck, my personal master of all things media, has a fascinating observation on the relationship between blog, scholarship/academia, and media. Mike Madison has a related post here, on how law journals are turning towards the web– but all in an effort to save the law journal, instead of to actually advance scholarship.