Auf wiedersehen

I actually really enjoyed Legal Methods (Columbia’s ‘intro to being a law school student’ class), despite it being a fairly brutal reading load. It was a good way for an old hack like me to get back into the swing of things, and something I think every law school should do.

(Tangentially, a big shout out to Ed Catmur and Stephane Delcroix for helping me get auto-rotate on import working in gallery. Gallery dudes: JHFC. Sensible defaults. WHY IS AUTO-ROTATE ON IMPORT OFF BY DEFAULT. THIS IS 2006. CAMERAS SET EXIF SENSIBLY NOW. TURN IT ON BY DEFAULT. Thanks.)

3 thoughts on “Auf wiedersehen”

  1. Reading the text on the picture, I actually thought you were starting to do some hard-core reverse engineering using new methods such as torturing upstream engineers until they cough their specs ;-)

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