continuing to enjoy New York

It is hard not to enjoy New York. Even if some people swing through New York without saying hello :), there is still plenty to do.

Friday night Krissa and I had a private night, not even a laptop to be found. Since it was Bernstein’s birthday, and we now live on the Upper West Side, we picked up the obvious choice:

We like that the local video store has an editorial point of view. (Read the sticker.)

Saturday afternoon we went to MOMA and saw their awesome dada exhibition. Highlights for me included the famous Duchamp Mona Lisa, the many posters with their re-interpretation of word-as-image-as-nonsense, and Man Ray’s Object To Be Destroyed, which I liked mostly because someone then destroyed it. I left with mixed feelings- Dada is the obvious forerunner of some art I love (Jeff Noon, Negativland, and the Kleptones come immediately to mind) but obviously also the forerunner of lots of really, really terrible performance art. I guess you take with the good with the bad.

Afterwards we went to see Nu Guajiro play in Riverside Park, which as the name implies, is right on the Hudson. There was someone in a GUADEC shirt in the crowd, but they left before I had a chance to go over and say hi.

We followed it up with Cuban-Chinese which (oddly in this day and age) has basically not a drop of fusion in it- there is an (excellent) Cuban menu, and what looked like a pretty good Chinese menu, and a small Peruvian menu, and not much crossover. Still, delicious, and by New York standards, cheap.

I know that as classes get more and more serious I’ll have less time to do this sort of thing, but dammit, I’m doing as much as possible while I can :)

7 thoughts on “continuing to enjoy New York”

  1. i know, most unfortunate ;)

    hadn’t seen my brother in a while, so time slid by until i found myself at the airport. given the weather, however, i may never make it out of here so you might still see me…

    the good news is that i should be back a couple of times this fall; will definitely have more time then. meantime, keep fighting the good fight back here ;)

  2. On the bad performance art thing, bad art is not as important as good art, but it’s still really important. The more people making art the better, even though lots of it will end up being bad.

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