oh great laptop gurus

Oh great laptop gurus… is there any Lenovo T-series or combination of T-series that isn’t in some way evil unsupportable (ATI, atheros, etc.?) I was about to get Krissa a five pound apple when I remembered there was  a five pound Lenovo that I’ve heard does not set people’s laps on fire or make the baby RMS jebus jesus cry.

(Ideally one that is 1400×1050 and available with warranty… IBM’s ebay shop seems to have gone away, and as far as I can tell I can’t buy a 1400×1050 without an fglrx-only ATI in the T60 series.)

(And man, does Lenovo/IBM’s website suck- you can search for old models, and they’ll let you configure them, and then… throw a mysterious error when you try to buy them.)

(And no, don’t bother trying to convince me that Apple isn’t evil.)
(Yes, too many parentheses.)