variety of weirdo links while I wait for dinner

  • Dude, Miggie! No need to wait for rails on the desktop- JFDI! You’re almost uniquely positioned to take the lead in doing it, and beat MS at their own game.
  • The last conversation I had at Berkman before moving was about the advance of open standards, with email killing the walled gardens of AOLmail almost the canonical example. And now the rest of AOL is following the trend. Yay for standards. Now if only AIM would go jabber…
  • Made my first post to FreeCycle New York today- giving away all my moving boxes, hopefully. Freecycle is a really interesting idea (basically, think ‘people who are too lazy or too generous to sell stuff on ebay’) and there are mailing lists for it for a lot of places. New York’s list just happens to be insane- 24K members.
  • I have long thought that most politicians (perhaps most lawyers?) don’t have a full grasp of the complexity of the system they are building. (If law is code, then the US government is Vista- big, slow, and potentially out of control. But without competition to discipline it.) So I’m having a lot of fun reading the new Jurisdynamics blog- turns out that there is a group of lawyers who study law and complexity theory, and the overlap between them. Fascinating stuff.
  • Tim and Havoc are right to talk about licensing and the insufficiencies of current Free Software licenses, given where the web and our data is going. More later.
  • Mike Linksvayer is da bomb. Everyone interested in the future of free software should go read. More later.

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  1. Recently, the Internet’s Luis Villa has been using the mantra Just F-cking Do It. So the other day, I was thinking about how the Baobab guys must hate me, because it looked like I slagged them off for suggesting that their piece of software might not be ready for prime time, default GNOME and about how Baobab could display the

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