little bits of awesomeness

Some little bits of awesomeness today:

  • I visited the old office on Tuesday (Harvard, not Ximian) and that rocked- smart people.
  • There is now a rockingly awesome cc plugin for epiphany. This helps raise awareness of CC licensing, and that is a great thing.
  • LDTP and jhbuild are happily singing together, it appears. This is great- a huge step towards a more robust GNOME.
  • Bugzilla may get smart about branches. On the one hand, this will be a huge usability nightmare, but on the other hand, in the hands of experts, it could do a lot to improve the user experience in our stable branches.
  • Got the new Lego Mindstorms NXT kit in the mail. This is an awesome piece of gear- every 10-13 year old in the country should have one, to learn about programming and building things. Sadly, since I’ll have no time to play with it myself, I’m planning on shipping mine to my sister. (She’ll likely, in fact, get four Mindstorms kits in the mail next week- two old, two new.)

3 thoughts on “little bits of awesomeness”

  1. I have received some positive comments about my CC license viewer extension for Epiphany, like the one from Luis Villa and the ones received on my blog’s comments. Thanks for your comments and impressions. I also received greetings from the Creative Commons crew. They encouraged me to add my extension to their Browser plugins wiki page

  2. […] LDTP has been integrated into jhbuild. With loads of help from Frederic Peters, LDTP is also integrated well with jhautobuild now. He had blogged about this integration. And later on Luis Villa and Nags expressed interest in the project too. […]

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