guadec thoughts- maemo edition

A finnish fairy brought me a 770 at guadec, and it is pretty slick. Very useful under certain circumstances, and will be much more so if i ever get a cell that can share a network connection with it. Couple negatives amongst the overall utility-

• needs something like ubuntu universe, or fedora extras- all the cool, non-official packages in one easy-to-enable location. Am very frustrated that i can’t find a working irc client package right now, for example. That should be trivial.
• am a little frustrated at the text entry. I really miss graffiti from my old palm.
• opera- so close, yet so far. Very frustrating to use gmail and wordpress sans javascript.
• we really need cross-device settings roaming- having to re-enter all my web passwords is teh suck.

All in all, though, a pretty awesome little device. I think it will significantly delay my plans to purchase a tablet PC- at least a full semester.

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