guadec thoughts #5: the portland emperor has no pants

Luis’s Portland Project In A Nutshell (Your Opinions and Mileage May Vary):

Given two mediocre ISV platforms*, and a finite amount of time and money, why spend that time and money to fix one ISV platform to kick ass** when you can spend the time and money to add a third mediocre ISV platform instead? Yay!

This is not a new thought, but it just came up over and over again at GUADEC, and I figured it needed to be recorded.
NB: This is me speaking privately, and is not the Official Opinion of the GNOME Project, or even a significant minority of the GNOME Project; my overall view is slightly more nuanced, etc. But damn… this is silly.
* If you think either GNOME or KDE is better than mediocre, compared to the options on other platforms, you’re fooling yourself.

** see guadec thoughts #2