• Blizzard: Yay! No one hangs around! None of that pesky ‘community’. :) Seriously, it does seem a little weird to only talk to other people when there is a URL involved.
  • Dave: I’m not skeptical of Sun because they are a big company, but rather because they frequently choose licenses that privilege them over other partners in the community, or otherwise do things that make it clear that they don’t trust people outside @sun.com. There are great people there, to be sure, but their corporate strategy has often been erratic with regards to open source communities.
  • Sad but not at all surprising that Lenovo may dump Linux. Lenovo just doesn’t have the same big-picture strategic considerations that IBM had. (Since I wrote this the story has been refuted, sort of, but… still- I don’t see Lenovo having the same considerations IBM did.)
  • If you’re planning on moving any time soon, task #1 is to google for blogs in the place you’re going and throw them in a planet. I’ve had great fun reading about new york, and have started a wiki-list of places to go/shows to see/things to eat.
  • This Mozilla history project is incredibly awesome.

resigning from the board

When running for the board last fall, I mentioned to foundation-list that there was a strong chance I’d be a less involved/engaged member the last two months of my term, assuming I was successful in going back to school. That was, it turns out, a bad miscalculation on my part. It turns out I’ll actually be AWOL nearly the last six full months of my term, as school starts slightly earlier than I’d anticipated and the board’s term runs longer. After discussing my options with the rest of the board, I’ve decided the best thing for me to do is to resign, and for the rest of the board to select my successor.

I might write more about this later, but in a nutshell, this was not an easy or fun decision to make- despite the occasional pain, I’ve enjoyed being on the board, and have felt very honored to be elected to it repeatedly. I’m sure my replacements will be, if anything, more passionate and more motivated, so I’m excited for them and for the board going forward.