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  1. What I did in September First I was going to try and post something arty (like a Luis-esque mosaic), then considered writing screeds about the whole escapade, but that would have taken forever. So, in summary: First we did this: [IMG] And then we went here: [IMG] And we had a blast. (2006-10-16 10:35:55.0)

  2. did a great job putting the box together, people really seemed to dig that small form factor PC at the booth. The booth was packed most of the day, with Patrick expertly handling the entire range of questions for hours at a time. Kudos to Patrick! (Luis was right!) (Picture by Mike O’Connor)

  3. it was a really interesting experience. I was happy to finally see people I only knew by email, and to meet many new persons, from all over the world. Among the presentations, most of them of high technical level, I was stricken by Luis Villa’s talk: http://tieguy.org/blog/2006/06/29/gnome-is-people/, for the passion and emotion his words conveyed. I have great respect for people who put all their efforts in the things they believe in, and Luis is one of them. My tutorial went ok, and at the football tournament my team got the second place (I

  4. introduction of the GNOMEFIFA football match, and GNOME band, we crossed new barriers of activity and team building to make me really proud to be a part of such a project. I’ve always said that GNOME was about the people, and Luis proved this with a wonderful closing speech I was especially excited to see the interaction from the Sun guys. In previous conferences many people out of the team have kept to themselves, and it’s been personally disappointing that they haven’t reached out and got to know people in the

  5. Desde aquí, mi agradecimiento a los colaboradores y organizadores, a los hackers de GNOME y a todo el que fue alli a aprender, colaborar y conocer a muy buena gente. También añadiré que Luis Villa hizo una gran clausura, con la frase “GNOME es la gente”, un gran broche final que nos hizo sentir, a quien más, a quien menos, parte de algo grande y con ganas de mezclarnos todo lo posible. Y ya sabéis: Keep on hacking in the free world.

  6. […] What does this mean for my involvement with GNOME? Nothing much really. OLPC is still a desktop though very targeted and different from what most people think is a desktop. What is GNOME anyway? Bryan Clark often asks me this question whenever I talk to him. Is GNOME the panel? The apps? According to Luis GNOME is People and the ideals those people represent. We have a certain direction we all believe in. “Simply Powerful” is the abbreviated way of stating this direction. So, me moving to OLPC means I will still be working on GNOME for a long time to come.   […]

  7. […] On Friday after lunch I talked about the Gnome project, during 1 hour, in the main auditorium, with about 150 people in the audience. I presented the history of the project (10 years of Gnome), what is being done today (technologies, applications, organization), and which are the plans for the near future (”Topaz”, world domination, technical priorities, new functionality), but also included some practical aspects about Gnome Love and how people could get involved (including non technical tasks and trying to show that we want diversity). The slides are available for download (in Spanish, with material based on several previous talks about the project and my own talk at aLANtejo 2005); as you can see, I decided to use the great “Gnome is people” picture composition from Luis Villa to close the presentation, and people seemed to like it. I got a bunch of interesting questions about Mono, 3D animations, the relation between Gnome and GNU, and the cooperation between Gnome and Python. And my hope is that someone from the audience decided consider becoming a contributor to Gnome after seeing how nice and cool we are ;) (according to a fast poll I did, 1/3 of the audience was a Gnome user, and no one was a contributor to the project). […]

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