the excellent licensing wisdom of rlove

<rlove> luis: I don’t think J5 got your blog post.
<luis> I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I’m at work
<luis> only the one sentence that came through wordpress moderation
<luis> certainly my point was not an ‘us v. them’ dichotomy
<rlove> exactly, your point was more on the power of the license
<luis> right
<rlove> nothing about who was good or who was bad
<rlove> but that that was all made moot by the license
<luis> right
<luis> maybe I should s/company/aggregations of people/ in the post ;)
<luis> or s/company/copyright holder/
<rlove> yes, the latter
<luis> maybe s/company/joint copyright holder/ ?
<rlove> or do what I do and punch people in the face with your thesis: “The license is the great equalizer”
<rlove> or some snappy conclusion
<luis> I’m not *quite* so cynical as to not trust you, for example, if you decided to implement lovix tomorrow, I would probably use it whatever the license
<rlove> and I appreciate that
<rlove> and I’d probably add features, just for you
<rlove> little luis-inspired easter eggs
<rlove> even with lovix, though, you have no chips without the right license
<luis> what about your undying love for me?
<rlove> what if I died and my estate was run by crooks?
<rlove> or I declared Chapter 11?
<rlove> or — god forbid — Chapter 7?
<rlove> I am just saying. You want some chips.
<luis> let us just post this conversation to our blogs and smite our doubters with it.

(Yes, I’ll probably post a more serious response when I’m home from work.)

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