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When running for the board last fall, I mentioned to foundation-list that there was a strong chance I’d be a less involved/engaged member the last two months of my term, assuming I was successful in going back to school. That was, it turns out, a bad miscalculation on my part. It turns out I’ll actually be AWOL nearly the last six full months of my term, as school starts slightly earlier than I’d anticipated and the board’s term runs longer. After discussing my options with the rest of the board, I’ve decided the best thing for me to do is to resign, and for the rest of the board to select my successor.

I might write more about this later, but in a nutshell, this was not an easy or fun decision to make- despite the occasional pain, I’ve enjoyed being on the board, and have felt very honored to be elected to it repeatedly. I’m sure my replacements will be, if anything, more passionate and more motivated, so I’m excited for them and for the board going forward.

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  1. For the benefit of those not subscribed to foundation-list and foundation-announce, I’d like to make a board announcement on here: WhenLuis announced to the board that he wanted to resign a couple of weeks ago, the board discussed our options – referendum or co-option. We felt that co-opting a new member onto the board, on the basis of the election results last December, was the best way to select the newest member of the board. Our

  2. Thank you for the trust. Where is the manual? Throw me some tasks… to be started really on July 1st. Let me say thanks to Murray for the ignition, thanks to Dave for the companion and thanks to Luis… not forleaving the GNOME Foundation board but for being a referent in many aspects. I still don’t know what he does all the time with the bugsquashers ;) but reading him here and there is always a constructive experience. And thanks of course to the open, friendly and welcoming GNOME

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