• Went to a brainstorming session for OneWeb Day last night. While the project seems almost quixotic in some ways, it is definitely a worthwhile project, and I hope it succeeds- I still very clearly remember the first time I had a social conversation with someone from a different country who I’d met and worked with purely over the internet. This is something that everyone now has the possibility to do, and that is magical and wonderful, and that is the kind of thing that people should think of when they think ‘internet’, not porn or spam.
  • I badly want these for my new apartment. Shame about the price tag, but should be easy to build.
  • In continued pursuit of media whoredom, I gave an interview yesterday… in Second Life. ‘Twas fun.
  • As someone who wants to own a tablet soon, Herzi’s handwriting recognition hacking makes me pretty hot. Maybe this is a good time to play with fundable.
  • Now that Wii/Revolution is in the news again, it seems a good time to re-pimp this article from last fall on the economics of Nintendo innovation. Really a must read if you’re thinking about innovation in the software and hardware space.
  • Tip that is making my life better these days: reading all my news from feeds, and doing it on planet, and not running planet from 9am to 5pm. Making me more productive and less distracted at work. And with planet, it just silently flows off the end of the page if I didn’t get to it. Not yet another pile of unread stuff to deal with.
  • [Nearly forgot: the totally awesome Derek Bambauer and Bill McGeveran have finally started blogging at Info/Law, hosted on our new wordpress-mu installation. These guys are both very, very sharp, and very, very into tech-law- I’m guessing this will be a great place to get news and sharp commentary on these issues.]