Somerville Open Studios, etc.

Put in a nice five mile walk today, going through a couple of studios in the Somerville Open Studios and enjoying the gorgeous weather. We also got to support Lizzie, both by showing up and by picking up a beautiful print of hers. Look forward to framing and hanging it, and maybe selling it for a huge fortune later when she is famous ;)


Anyway, open studios was a blast- thoroughly recommend that Cambridge folks go enjoy it next year. More pictures (including snaps of some other things we picked up) here.

Have started telling people in real life that I’m going to New York- universal reaction around here seems to be ‘Oh, that sucks you’re leaving us… wait! Now I have an excuse to visit New York!’ :) Congrats and other such also eventually trickle out. :) Glad to hear we’ll have a lot of visitors.

Oh, and sometimes work is a little weird- I figured I had to document that-