weekend link bouquet

Random-ass links from a weekend spent mostly being totally unproductive:

  • Does anyone really wander around thinking ‘you know, I really wish nytimes.com looked more like a newspaper’? That MS and NYT have apparently been working on just this ‘feature’ makes me think that something is deeply, deeply broken. The only good thing about this as far as I can see is that it makes Open Office chasing the Office UI look positively brilliant.
  • If you follow the NFL, but missed the NFL draft somehow, there is only one article you need to read. It tells you everything you need to know about the only thing about this draft that anyone will remember in 20 years, and coincidentally, it is the shortest and funniest draft article I’ve seen.
  • Apparently there is still hope for the Malone UI.
  • This is probably the most interesting piece I’ve seen about the conference I attended on Friday- extrapolating from the discussions at the conference to ponder what legal scholarship will look like in 20-30 years. Lots of fields would probably do well to navel-gaze similarly at least once in a while. [This is the best overall wrapup, and not just because it cites me ;)