Berkman In A Nutshell

So, I’m doing a talk today over at HBS, talking about how cool where I work (the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School) is. Instead of making up a slide deck, I thought I’d just use a web browser to walk people through the coolest stuff we do. And since my blog is the easiest way to publish HTML right now, hey… welcome blog readers to my pseudo-slide deck for my talk :)

Looking forward, we’re doing really interesting stuff with wikis, hosting Wikimania; we’re getting involved in research into virtual worlds; we’re continuing to help Harvard by hosting a Harvard-wide blog server. We have a slew of fellows working on their own projects, like David Isen’s Freedom To Connect on network neutrality and David Weinberger’s writing. And of course we teach, both through our professors and through our clinical program.

So, that’s where I work. Anyone want to come join us? :)

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