not the best week ever

If ‘discover that your laptop is still under warranty’ is a highlight of the week, it isn’t a good week. It seems my speech at LWE was well received, and Paul, Scott, Chris and others were great to hang out with, but otherwise LWE was frustrating- my voice was shot from basketball, my laptop died Tuesday night, and our booth presence was weak- we seem to have lost our banners somehow, and I only remembered at the last minute that the LCD I used last year is now in Chicago. And my new camera is great, except for the little detail that it has an option (on by default) which lets you happily shoot away without a card inserted. Which I discovered only after I’d lugged the thing around without a card to LWE and to the NCAA Championship game (which we lost in overtime) and taken probably 50-100 pictures. Had some very productive interviews and such at work, only to discover serious changes in the gameplan invalidated some (though definitely not all) of the work I’d been doing. And it snowed Wednesday morning- in April. Just that kind of week. At least the laptop is covered under warranty, so I guess I’ll send that in on Monday.