LWE, basketball, english, books and other miscellany

If anyone wants to help out at LWE Boston from Tuesday to Thursday, please drop me a note; currently we’re still quite understaffed :)

I have tickets to the women’s Final Four on Sunday night- I’m pretty psyched. Perhaps I’ll consult with Bryan as sports-geek-in-residence.

Dave: I’m curious about the entire ‘business english’ phenomenon that Cluetrain derides so marvelously. Surely there must be interesting historical research out there somewhere on ‘when and why businessmen stopped talking like normal human beings’, but I have no idea where to even begin looking for such research.

Someone yesterday mentioned that we keep bookshelves as much to show off to guests as anything else, which makes me wonder if one of these days we’ll just use Yet Another LCD to show off book covers of books we’ve read (or CDs we own) and jam the actual books in a closet or basement somewhere so we can get to them if we’re inspired to re-read or referene them.

Orca has the coolest logo I’ve seen in a while :) Congrats to them on going public.