feeds to emails?

So, the reality is that most people still aren’t clued in to this RSS thing. Feedburner and others have tried to make this easier by offering these gigantic lists of ‘subscribe here’ buttons, but one I haven’t seen (and that really should be there) is a ‘subscribe by email’ link, that would take you to a service (presumably feedburner or bloglines or another place that already has a huge rss-reading infrastructure) that would prompt you for your email address, ask if you wanted the emails daily/weekly/every time a post occurred, and said ‘thanks’ and sent you on your merry way. Does anyone know if one of the major feed collation services offers such a service? It’d be very useful at work (which is how this came up) but I imagine it would also be useful for any RSS-producing community that is trying to reach out to a less technical audience.
(And yes, I know about rss2email but I’d rather not have to hack it to my needs :)