Wed, 15 Mar 2006

Last night I resurrected Krissa’s web site at; the site had been AWOL since (don’t go there!) was allowed to lapse and bought by a porn network. She hasn’t actually updated any content since then, but hey, at least she can now start the long climb back up the google index, and hopefully I’ll get her a new blog and gallery soon. I’ve also transferred ownership of from to my current email address, so I’ll be changing DNS and moving to a new home Sunday or Monday. So far I’ve been very happy with my new home at rimuhosting, but we’ll see how that goes.

Had an enlightening moment at work yesterday. In theory, the Berkman Center’s ‘mode of operation’ is described as ‘entrepreneurial non-profit’. I think perhaps, though, that the Harvard name and reputation have made us (or at least me) too afraid to fail, and too afraid to grow incrementally. There is some sense (again, possibly something I’ve made up in my head) that we must spring from the forehead fully formed and ready to do battle, because, hey, we’re Harvard. So, on the one hand, we’re entrepreneurial, because we’re trying new things and living on the edge. On the other hand, at least in my head, the expectations are so high that we’re afraid to fail and afraid to develop incrementally- both of which are killers for real entrepreneurs.

Burgundavia: You missed what is potentially the worst part of that whole problem, which is that the status of all the dup’d bugs are ‘Confirmed’ and not ‘Resolved’. Search must give you useful, reliable information if a bug tracking system is to be useful, and that means properly categorizing bugs, which apparently Launchpad doesn’t yet. [In this case, if I search for open bugs, the dups should not show up as open/confirmed- they are clutter and reduce effectiveness. I should get only the bug they are dup’d against, and in fact it should be highlighted because of the number of dups- information currently sort of hidden in Launchpad’s bug view.] Despite the critiques, though, Ubuntu must have a functional Launchpad (particularly Malone) for their model to succeed, so kudos to that team for continuing to plug away and doing a pretty decent job so far.