Thu, 02 Mar 2006

Good things:

  • Getting a totally surprise birthday gift from a good friend.
  • Krissa’s mom gave me a great-looking book for my birthday, which I expect perhaps I’ll send it to Todd when I’m done.
  • When I get off the plane tomorrow night, it’ll be 70-some degrees, instead of the teens it has been all week.

General gripes:

  • My computer was turned off for a while this evening, so I missed an offer of ACC tournament tickets. I’m never turning off my computer again.
  • Networking in dapper regressed seriously a week or two ago; despite the fact that I never have eth0 plugged in, it gets brought up every time I boot now, which breaks all kinds of things. And when I upgraded my desktop from breezy to dapper my network card disappeared, with no way that I can find to bring it back. Grr.