Wed, 01 Mar 2006

A brutally long day today. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were great days- I was on a productive roll, and I knew it, so I did more and for longer than I should have, because, well, dammit, it felt good. I woke up today sort of tired already, and then, well, then webmail was down. And then virtually every webservice was down. And then databases were corrupted. And partitions were full. So messing with that blew a big chunk of my morning. (Though of course it was way worse for Danny.)

Then meetings.

The day got capped with the list server beginning to spew literally a couple thousand h2o error messages at me. I of course start frantically reading logs, poking things, trying to figure out what the hell was wrong. Spent 45 minutes this way. Got pretty panicy by the end, because they just wouldn’t stop coming, but the app looked fine. I then finally noticed the time the mails were sent– i.e., all this morning. The mail server had been overwhelmed (or whatever) and sat on them all morning, so I was seeing error messages that were several hours old. Nothing like an hour of that to shorten your life.

Blah. Anyway. Hopefully tomorrow I get back on track, and I survive through to a weekend with the parents in sunny Miami. Right now I’m definitely going to need a breather…