Mon, 20 Feb 2006

My sister’s album finally made it up at cdbaby. Yay. :)

Went on a retreat with work Friday. Was good, and relaxing- shocking how much of a difference a day completely computer-free can make to your state of mind.

We’re beginning to move forward on the Digital Media Exchange at work; should be interesting to see it progress. No code yet, still just the planning stages, but still- a really interesting concept that could be really impactful if it takes off. Faces stiff competition from Amazon on the one hand and Magnatunes on the other, though.

Have pretty much nuked my panels for the weekend in favor of gimmie and deskbar. Interesting experiment. With improved history support, deskbar is just great. The gimmie portion was mixed- obviously lots of stuff isn’t actually implemented yet :) More relevantly, I remembered why the OSX dock’s implementation irritates me- I find it makes for a very suboptimal situation when you have multiple windows of one app running. Still, could be a very useful window list/panel replacement as it gets refined- first-class people is an idea that really needs to get pushed. (Of course, first-class conversations I like even more, but I can’t imagine how that happens until you have ridiculously heavy-duty evo/gaim/beagle integration, so I’ll be patient on that score :)