Sat, 11 Feb 2006

Spent Thursday in DC for a conference hosted by the Anti-Spyware Coalition. Interesting; met a lot of smart folks and talked a bit of shop. Feel actually much more comfortable with ‘badware’ now- it is clear that overloading ‘spyware’ to mean ‘things that spy on you, and also all that other bad stuff’ is confusing, and puts the focus on a specific action (spying, popups, etc.) rather than the common thread of all of them- malicious and deceptive intent. Calling it ‘badware’ gets that straight and clear, which is great. Also seems to be interest in our long-term approach.

You know I’m bothered too much by GNOME politics because I dreamed I was having a conversation with JRB about mediating standards discussions. Of course, in the dream, people were arguing about fontconfig, which would be incredibly stupid. Additionally, I dreamed about zombies commandeering gigantic fleets of oil tankers. So, you know, take it all with a grain of salt.