Mon, 06 Feb 2006

CC is looking for Summer Interns. Pretty cool. We’re still looking for an engineer for as well. I personally am crazy at work- lots of stopbadware stuff, plus h2o and dmx starting to eat away at my time again. But I love it- just really a great place to work, surrounded by great people.

Am completely depressed by this report on spending by the supposedly conservative and responsible Republican government. I’m going to be paying off the debt of these gluttons for the rest of my life.

Evo continues to impress me-I was quite embarassed that someone other than myself filed the bug for my last on-blog rant, and I’m pleased that lots of progress appears to have been made on lots of fronts- 110 bugs closed in the last week, more than gtk, nautilus, epiphany, panel, gstreamer, and control-center combined. A big chunk of those were closed by non-Novell folks, too, which is great. And Nagappan led all patch reviewers in the last week with 18. Not all is light and sunshine (more bugs opened than closed, and still lots of unreviewed patches, though evo is hardly alone in either category) but overall things appear to be in pretty solid shape for the release, from what I can see from here.