Mon, 30 Jan 2006

I invited Nathan Yergler of Creative Commons to the GNOME Summit in the fall, hoping for cross-pollination to occur. I didn’t expect that one of the impacts would be mono and hula getting cited for their wikis, but hey… I’ll take every bit I can get :)

I read What The Dormouse Said this weekend. It purports to show ‘how the 60s counterculture shaped the personal computer industry.’ Basically, what it shows is that there were a lot of people taking drugs, protesting the war, and having sex around Berkeley and Stanford in the 60s, and that the PC industry was being invented in the same place and time, and… what a surprise, the two groups overlapped. Oh, it also showed that people willing to experiment with computer industry business models were likely to be willing with drugs. The book has some fun stories, and lots of interesting coincidences (most notably for me, Engelbert’s famous demo was produced by the producer of the last Acid Test), so I’m glad I read it, but overall, it didn’t seem to really prove much to me- the 60s didn’t cause the PC, any more than the 00s produced DRM.