Mon, 16 Jan 2006

Most brilliant blonde joke ever, or at least in our internet-connected age.

Duke, as usual, has owned Carolina, perhaps by the largest margin ever. (Hi, Todd.)

My second-favorite gay-rights marijuana-legalization Republican will be on Colbert tomorrow. I’m excited.

JRB tells me that Project Ridley is actually moving along. I’m pleasantly surprised- I hadn’t seen any news, so I’d assumed it had sort of stalled. I patiently await more detailed news :)

I’m very bummed to have not had the time to make the GPL v3 conference today. Will be interesting to see adoption- I’m guessing that for a long time the standard will become dual-licensing, with most people unwilling to adopt the stricter features at the cost of compatibility with the huge number of lines of GPL v2 code.

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