Wed, 11 Jan 2006


Had my three month review at work yesterday, albeit a bit belatedly. Have to admit I’m struggling a little bit- I never had to juggle so many projects or so many masters at Ximian/Novell, and am having problems keeping everything sorted/prioritized. Hopefully will be able to improve that for the rest of my term.


Stumbled on these bits yesterday- two interesting ramblings on the sustainability and economics of open source, and whether or not government should get involved in that. Worth a read if you’re interested.

Had no idea Joel was teaching MBAs now :) Looks like a great reading list if nothing else. I may get some of those and add them to my pile.

Am excited to see that IBM and friends continue to push for systematic patent reform. (More details at eweek.)


Man, it is so good to see college basketball season back. Am excited to go to a game this weekend. Yay…