Sat, 07 Jan 2006

Saw Corpse Bride last night. Fun. Not Nightmare Before Christmas, but then, what is. Definitely still recommended if you enjoy things outside of the realm of the normal visual experience.

Relaxed today- got out and enjoyed some beautiful (if chilly) sunlight, did some errands with Krissa, and then watched some football and basketball.

Have been avidly following the Gizmodo and Engadget coverage of CES- lots of fun stuff. It worries me, though- free software has gotten pretty far because we’ve been able to piggy back on open, standardized PC hardware. There is lots of cool, closed, unstandardized hardware out there, and because that is what people want, there will be more- ipods, phones, and now possibly iMacs integrated into TVs. It is not coincidence that free software is most competitive in spaces where we use open standards (apache, sendmail, firefox, etc.) and least competitive where we have to deal with these kinds of things. So… as a user, I’m excited, because there is cool stuff happening, but as a free software bigot (and someone who cares about the generativity of open platforms) I’m sort of depressed.