Thu, 05 Jan 2006

Mentally long day, even though I left the office by 4:45. It isn’t coincidence that I left Novell in January, I think, nor that the previous February and March I thought hard about doing the same. The lack of sunlight has definitely been getting to me the past few winters. This winter is no exception. So tonight I finally bit the bullet and bought a high-intensity full-spectrum light for use in the mornings. (It includes a timer for dawn simulation.) I have no idea if it will have anything other than a placebo effect; the literature I’ve read seems to imply that there is still some controversy over the effectiveness of light treatments, and the blue light treatment which is likely to be most effective coincidentally uses light at a wavelength which probably causes macular degeneration. Oops. Sure wish Apollo Health (who sells the blue lights) would ‘fess up to that little problem on their otherwise well-researched web site.

[Tangentially: if you’re selling a medical device, and claiming that a report justifies your technology, you might want to (1) correctly spell the last name of the doctor (2) correctly identify the journal and (3) get the month of the publication correctly. This page fails on all those counts. To their credit, they seem to correctly represent what the paper says, but… it certainly is not very professional.]