Thu, 08 Dec 2005

I thought I was healthy. I woke up this morning kicking ass; by the end of the day my brain was toast and I’ve now gone from ‘brain is toast’ to ‘big headache and am completely congested again.’ And of course, the way the day worked out, I was doing my most important work between 5 and 6 pm. I’m sure it is unreadable, but hopefully I got enough of the point across to do what I needed to do. More of same tomorrow before escaping to NYC for the weekend.

Spent the evening with brain turned off- lots of catching up on Daily Show, and some time reading the very awesome Presentation Zen. Makes me want to give talk again so I can practice.

Have wanted for a while to take a microecon course, so when I saw this CC-licensed Intro Econ textbook by a caltech econ prof I was pretty interested. He talked about printing it out in one of his pages, so I emailed him last night and suggested lulu- and voila, hard copy now available. Pretty cool to think that we really all can be publishers now, in every sense of the word.

Have spent a fair bit of time at work listening to Magnatune’s CC-licensed electronica stream. Will probably end up buying some CDs there after christmas. Probably makes sense for RB to include the various magnatunes streams by default in future releases, too… supporting CC and all that. I should get off my ass and file a bug :)