Thu, 01 Dec 2005

The sometimes spectacularly heartrending Sam Brown, of Exploding Dog, is exhibiting in person about a half mile from my mom’s house tomorrow night. If only he’d done this last week when I was home. He is also guest blogging (guest drawing?) at 37 signals. Go to the exhibition if you’re in South Florida, and otherwise, go bury yourself in his website for a bit.

Had a bit of panic at work when it appeared the AC had gone out in the server room. Turned out it was a false alarm. Did it for real about three hours later. Grr.

Presented h2o at berkman’s ‘thursday blog group’ to a small group of bloggers. Was fun. Ranted a bit about how broken Harvard (mostly education in general, really) is. With $25B in the pocket I could easily start Harvard over from scratch, and do it better. Ah well…