Mon, 07 Nov 2005

Unusual comment in #xchat-gnome last night, after discussion of the just committed network-manager support and pending gnome-screensaver support:

<purple_cow> bug list is getting awfully short
<luisv> good problem to have :)
<purple_cow> obviously people aren’t requesting enough good features
<luisv> I’ll have to brainstorm tomorrow ;)

After talking about it in IRC, one thing that did come up that could obviously be improved was the user list. It is an obviously suboptimal way to solve a lot of problems. The question then is ‘what do you do in IRC that the user-list is the only current solution for?’ If you read this blog, and have an answer to that, email trowbrds]at[gmail – David Wants You to help define what the uses are so he can figure out what the best solution is.