Fri, 04 Nov 2005


Had two long (90+ minute) meetings today. Both were actually quite good, since they involved information going from people who knew things to a person who didn’t know anything- i.e., me.

The first meeting was about the project we’re still hiring for– what I’m now calling the ‘scumware’ project. It is getting more interesting- some very smart people (not me) throwing around interesting ideas, and more very smart people getting on board soon. Hopefully I’ll find the right people to drive it to completion. :)

Second meeting was a website revamp meeting Berkman has tons of old, fascinating content, but it is hard to find sometimes. So we reviewed more than 50 important pages of content, and I got some handle on what is old/fresh/important/comatose. We’ll get some of the worst edges sanded off soon, including a new aggregator, probably courtesy of planet, and probably some simple tweaks to the front page.


Om Malik of Web 2.0 is looking for people to help him write about the Nokia 770. Surely there are some pgo readers who can help him out :)

Passionate Users continues to kick ass, this time ruminating about what your software would be like if you took it on a date.

jbz pointed to this article on the week that was at novell and suse– sounds pretty dire. JB refers to it as short fiction; he’s clearly in a better position to know than I am. Still, interesting.

Am totally psyched by the pango performance work that I’m seeing on pgo. Haven’t seen anything about Ridley lately, though- am hoping that is just puttering along quietly :)