Sat, 29 Oct 2005


Dom: doc is all well and good until we start winning, and then we’ll get sued and FUDed to death. I don’t think it is a coincidence that of all the various formats you can view on a linux box, the best supported are actual open formats like HTML, or that there is the most competition in software in general around things like jpg, html, etc., that are or virtually are open standards.

Glynn: My feedback, actually, is that I’m pleasantly surprised it isn’t 2.8 ;) Congrats to you on getting this out the door- I know this has been a long slog for you and you should be justifiably proud.

Davyd: 24 CPUs now? You’re insane. We love you for it.


Read The Big Moo over the past couple of nights while fighting with my dying hard drive (among other things.) As with all business books has some high bullshit factor, but since it is practically a blog in book form (none of the chapters/stories are more than 4-5 pages) if you don’t get anything out of a story, very little of your life was lost. And some fun suggestions/advice/stuff that might be useful.